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Flooding in Displacement Sites

South Sudan flooding compounds nightmareSouth Sudan flooding compounds nightmareJuba, South Sudan — Seasonal flooding has taken its toll on people sheltering in displacement sites, with some people living knee-deep in mud in some locations. Living conditions in the Bentiu Protection of Civilian (PoC) site in Unity State remained dire due to flooding. An estimated 47,000 people are sheltering in Bentiu PoC site. Efforts to pump out floodwater from the PoC site continued, with water levels brought down by as much as 50 cm in the worst-affected areas.

Sanitation coverage was at one latrine for every 96 people.

Elang’atadapash Water Project Finalised

Maasai hearders in Langata plains of NorthernMaasai hearders in Langata plains of NorthernThe ‘Elang’atadapash water project was executed by the Ilkisongo Pastoralist Initiative (IPI), a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) and operates in Monduli and Longido districts comprising of thousands of residents can now accessing piped clean water supply

.Many villages in far-away locations of Maasailand have been disappearing as their residents migrated away in search of water and greener pastures for their livestock. With funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the ‘Elang’atadapash Water Project cost Tz sh92 m will now solve the long existed problem of women and girls trekking up to 10 kilometres daily in search of water, according to Mama Naini Papaa, a ward councillor.

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Water Supply Improves

Residents of Bulawayo fetch water from a boreholeResidents of Bulawayo fetch water from a boreholeThe Harare water situation is set to improve, with water production expected to rise to 650 mega litres per day from the current 450 mega litres as the rehabilitation of water treatment infrastructure progresses.

Presenting the 2015 budget proposal last week, chairperson of the finance and development committee councillor Tranos Moyo said the city was on course, with the rehabilitation of water and waste water treatment infrastructure.

AfWA Admitted in the UN’s Economic and Social Council

logo for AfWAThe Economic and Social Council of the United Nations recently gave the African Water Association (AfWA) the special advisory status. This decision was made during its management and coordination meeting held last July 2014, on recommendation of the Committee in charge of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

As an advisory member, AfWA can, from now on, engage actively with the ECOSOC and its auxiliary bodies, as well as with the UN Secretariat, programs, funds and agencies, in various ways.

Call for proposals: Climate-smart water projects

Call for proposalThe AWF has launched a call for proposals for the “Preparation of Water and Climate Change Investment Projects”. African organizations eligible for AWF grants are encouraged to submit their proposal by Friday November 14, 2014




Current Issue: Africa Water & Sanitation & Hygiene March-April 2017 Vol.12 No.2