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Benguela Decrees 24 Hours of Mourning in Province

Flooding in Angolas capital of LuandaFlooding in Angolas capital of LuandaBenguela thhe governor of the southern Benguela province, Isaac Francisco dos Anjos, Friday declared a 24-hour mourning over the death of 66 citizens victim of heavy rains that hit the region on 11 March.

The tragedy hit mainly the municipalities of Lobito, Catumbela and Benguela. In a press release the government expressed solidarity and dismay to the family of the rain victims.

In addition to the sixty-six people died in Lobito, among adults and children, the rain also destroyed 119 houses, 8 schools and 42 houses without coverage.

Over 100 families were left homeless. Bornito de Sousa said the President of the Republic, through the Civil House, has expressed condolences to the families and made available an “emergency” fund of approximately 100 million kwanzas to meeting the most pressing situations in the first instance.

The ministerial delegation appointed by the PR, José Eduardo dos Santos, will provide support to the families and provincial authorities and present the condolences and the gesture of solidarity for the tragic occurrence in the municipalities already referenced.

He guided the government of Benguela to register populations living in areas at risk and allotment for new areas for the resettlement of their affected families, as initially there will be distributed tents.

The ministerial committee which includes the ministers of Interior, Construction, Social Welfare, Health and Education evaluated in Lobito the damage caused by rains that fell early on Thursday in the affecting particular Lobito Velho, Canata , Liro and Bela Vista.




Current Issue: Africa Water & Sanitation & Hygiene March-April 2017 Vol.12 No.2