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Water Bottled Water Producer Bbcl Says Aqua PureWater Still Safe

Water Bottled WaterFollowing a statement from the MalawiBureau of Standards (MBS) that AquaPure water produced by Bowler BeverageCompany Limited (BBCL) is not safe forhuman consumption, the company hascome forward to clarify the controversiessurrounding the matter.But BBCL has stated that water produced out of Blantyreis clean and safe.

“We would like to advise our esteemed customers that AquaPure bottled water produced out of the Blantyre factory issafe for consumption despite reports in the public mediathat the product is ‘unfit for human consumption’ and hassince been banned.”

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission and theMinistry of Industry and Trade requested MBS to conductlaboratory tests for Aqua Pure bottled water to determineits conformity with prescribed consumer safety standards, inparticular MS 699-Mandatory Malawi Standard on BottledWater other than Mineral Water Specification.

This request was in pursuit of the Commission’s mandateof regulating, monitoring, controlling and preventing actsor behaviour which are likely to adversely affect competitionand consumer welfare in Malawi as provided under theCompetition and Fair Trading Act.

Findings of laboratory tests conducted by MBS showed thatAqua Pure bottled water failed to comply with minimumstandard requirements on total plate count and coliformbacteria.This essentially means that the Aqua Pure bottled waterwhich Bowler Beverages Company Ltd is supplying into themarket has been certified unfit for human consumption bythe Malawi Bureau of Standards until it satisfies whateverrequirements stipulated by MBS.

In view of this, the general public is being informed that theCompetition and Fair Trading Commission has institutedformal investigations against Bowler Beverages CompanyLtd for alleged supply of products which are likely to causeinjury to health or physical harm to consumers, whenproperly used or which do not comply with prescribedconsumer safety standards contrary to Section 43(1)(e) ofthe Competition and Fair Trading Act.

In light of the prima facie evidence on the standard ofthis product, and in the interest of protecting the public,the Competition and Fair Trading Commission is advisingBowler Beverages Company Ltd, that it is required toimmediately recall the product from the market given thesubstantial evidence provided by the Malawi Bureau ofStandards certifying that the product is unfit for humanconsumption.

The company says their Lilongwe plant is the one that hasnot been fully compliant with the MS699 after one of theirpurification equipment got damaged due to frequent poweroutages. This contributed to two batches -BB Dec 15 andBB Feb 16- not meeting the MBS 699 requirement.According to BBCL, the director of MBS visited them toinform them of the need to address the shortcoming andthat they would issue a suspension order.

BCCL has since according to reports complyied to advisedfrom MBS to withdraw two non- compliant batches.




Current Issue: Africa Water & Sanitation & Hygiene March-April 2017 Vol.12 No.2