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TUNISIA: Health ministry underlines no cholera case has been registered

The Public Health Ministry underlined that no case of human disease in relation with the cholera vibrio has been registered contrary to what has been reported by some social network pages pointing out however that the systematic analyses of the wastewater samples helped to detect in June 2012, the presence of cholera vibrio in one single sample from the Rades Meliène-based wastewater treatment station.

The Ministry underlined in a press communiqué that this isolated case in space and in time has been followed by the necessary prevention measures of the waterborne diseases. As regards the cholera vibrio that could survive in water and environment, they are submitted to a rigorous control by the Health Ministry’s competent departments.


As part of this follow-up, the Ministry re-assures that such germs represent no risk for the people’s health, which is confirmed by the epidemiological situation characterized by the absence of human cases of cholera since 1982.




Current Issue: Africa Water & Sanitation & Hygiene March-April 2017 Vol.12 No.2